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We pride ourself on providing the high quality sushi and traditional Japanese meals.

Japanese Food Las Vegas

Japanese Food Las Vegas

If you’re planning to come to Las Vegas or you’re already here, you owe it to yourself to try a new culinary experience! At Sumo Sushi II we offer you the most delicious Japanese food in Las Vegas that you can get.

Where to eat good sushi?

We don’t know about other parts of the country or the world, but if you’re in Vegas, we’re the perfect place for that. The thing that makes our sushi special is the way we approach the art of cooking. We believe that traditional foods play a vital role in defining the heart of a given culture. Everybody thinks of sushi when Japan’s name comes up.

But we also believe that the same traditional foods can benefit from the advancements of modern cooking. We like our food tasty, fresh, and with a unique touch to it. As a result, we ended up combining the best that modern culinary field has to offer with the classic feel of the authentic Japanese spirit. The results are amazing.

Our modern sushi dishes are definitely the tastiest in Vegas, and we urge you not to skip this experience! You will thank us later.

What can you eat besides sushi in Japan?

Japanese cuisine is vast, comprising a multitude of dishes, including ones based on beef, pork, and chicken. While sushi is our most recognizable dish, with its many variations and pristine execution, our culinary offer expands way beyond that. If you’re not a fan of eating sushi, you can check our menu and try some other Japanese food in Las Vegas.

Our rich offer includes dishes like:

Noodles – A trademark in Japanese cuisine, our noodles make for an easy, delicious meal. Our Nabeyaki Udon with chicken, mussel, seaweed, egg, shrimp, and mushroom, and the Miso Ramen noodle soup with green onion and seaweed are just two of the many options at your disposal.

Classic entrees – This is a meat lover's paradise, with chicken Katsu, pork, Korean grilled beef Bulgogi or salmon teriyaki, all served with miso soup, rice, and salad. A combination that will rock your sense.

Rice varieties – You can’t have authentic Japanese food without rice. Our rice bowls range from classic to modern, bringing together the unique flavors of beef, chicken, or shrimp, and the seasoned rice for an amazing sensorial experience.

Where to eat in Las Vegas?

No matter your food preferences, you can’t go wrong with our restaurant. Years of experience have helped us design a successful recipe that brings out the best in the Japanese food culture. It will be an experience that will redefine your stance on what good food is.

If you’re in the neighborhood, pay us a visit and have a bite of our Japanese food in Las Vegas! If you're planning a pleasure visit in the near future, you need to include us in your “to do” list. Sumo Sushi II is one of the most prominent authentic Japanese restaurants in Vegas. We offer affordable, delicious food for a memorable culinary journey.

Japanese Food Las Vegas
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