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Sushi Las Vegas

Sushi Las Vegas

Whoever claims that the modern clash of cultures around the globe is a bad thing, hasn’t considered the effect on our culinary experiences. Sumo Sushi II is the embodiment of that clash, bringing you the best sushi in Las Vegas with a modern twist.

What is the best food in the world?

Depending on the eater’s preferences, the best food can come from any culture, which makes it impossible to choose one. Someone will always disagree with you. For that reason, we believe that the best food is one with personality. Take our sushi, for instance.

We have a classic take on the dish, staying faithful to traditional Japanese cuisine, and we also have a more modern approach, bringing a breath of fresh air to an already amazing dish. In that sense, you can have a classic tuna or salmon roll, or you can opt for a deep-fried TNT roll with spicy tuna, crab, jalapeno, and cream cheese sauce. Or maybe a Playboy Special shrimp tempura with spicy crab and tuna, seasoned with yellowtail and avocado sauce.

In our view, the best food is the one that not only fits your tastes perfectly but makes you develop new food preferences. It is our way of stating that our food will win you over with the first bite.

Where is the best sushi in Vegas?

Since it’s Las Vegas we’re talking about, you will have a multitude of places where you will find delicious sushi dishes; but not like ours. Our sushi in Las Vegas has something few if any other restaurants have – passion, authenticity, and personality. And everything comes from the hands of our experienced and competent chef.

With a lifetime of experience in cooking and experimenting with food, and having trained in the art at the French Culinary Academy, there’s nothing our chef can’t do. With his knowledge and passion, shared by all members of our staff, we have succeeded in creating some of the most impressive sushi dishes in Vegas.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Just stop by, go through our menu, order something, and become amazed!

Why is eating healthy important?

Having healthy eating habits will define the quality of your life. We all know that tasty food releases endorphins in our brain, improving our state of mind and spirit. But finding the right balance between taste and healthy nutritional composition may be more difficult than it seems. Many restaurants sacrifice the latter for the first, but not us.

We have discovered the ideal combination between form, taste, and the nutritional component, that makes our food so famous and appreciated. Our sushi in Las Vegas might be the best you have ever tried, and you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Check our online menu, at Sumo Sushi II to get you in the right mood, and have a look at our gallery. It speaks volumes about our view on food and Japanese culinary culture.

Sushi Las Vegas
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Sushi Las Vegas
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